GoodWorks for Good Works

Our Goal Is to Do "Good Works"

Our goal as a band is to do “good works.” We can work with your nonprofit or charitable organization to produce a special event to help you raise money and awareness. In addition to providing music for your event, we also will write and distribute press releases, create posters and flyers, help you with social media, and we may be able to help you with finding a venue. As part of our effort, we seek sponsors who underwrite our out-of-pocket costs and contribute to your cause. In return, sponsors receive the visibility and good will they want to achieve. Take a look at the extensive press coverage we get our events.

Check Out Our Music Videos for Nonprofits

GoodWorks's music videos are a compelling way to tell your nonprofit’s story. The Bridgeway video led to a new tag line and logo we designed, and it is being used to promote its services.  Our video for Alternatives demonstrates the agency’s link to the community.  Our video for Baker’s Treat (now called Grateful Bites) celebrates its young trainees gaining job and life skills.  All of these videos have been promoted on social media and online press.

We Are Proud To Support These Organizations

Baker’s Treat
Bedminster Fall Fest
Beez Foundation
Bridgeway Rehabilitation
Franklin Township
Hearthike/Atlantic City Trialthalon
Highland Park HS Orchestra
Montgomery Fun Fest
Dunellen Skylight Theatre
South Hunterdon HS Band
St. Anne’s Festa
Summit Speech School
Tourette Syndrome Association NJ
2Kids Foundation
Visual Arts Center of NJ